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Your customers are looking for you!

I found you! Now, due to quarantine, it is more IMPORTANT than ever before to be active on your social media platforms. This is your tool to not only highlight your business, but also communicate with your current and potential customers.

1. “What are your new hours!? Pick up only?! Are you taking extra safety precautions handling my product during the COVID-19 pandemic?.....WELL!” Your audience has questions and YOU have the answers! Now, it’s now just a matter of answering your FB wall, IG DMs and Twitter private messages. Use your social media to have conversations & build customer loyalty. (Extra tip: update your new hours and info on delivery in your bio.)

2. John follows you on Instagram and Twitter, but not Facebook. Sarah follows you on IG alone. I follow you on FB & IG. Sadly, you only posted a SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT update on FB and I’m the only one who saw while John & Sarah were scrolling on IG. Make sure you’re sharing updates across ALL platforms. Don’t miss an opportunity to keep your audience in the loop. They want to support you.

3. Your images are amazing, BUUUUT you can do so much more! Tag your location; we’d love to know if we should pick up or request a delivery. Who’s that in this pic? A tag would be great! Donated hot meals to front-line workers like Barcha Harlem did? Created fashionable masks for mothers and babies like Imani Lia Fashions? Tag the recipients. Let your audience know who you're serving and how you’re giving back. A cool part is, once you tag someone they may be inclined to share the post with their audience, more visibility.

4. “How ya livin'?” GO LIVE! Let your audience see that your business is still open & active. Who doesn’t love a sneak peek behind the scenes? Teach them something new like Harlem Cycle is doing with their daily workout sessions! This is an opportunity to interact with your audience in real time. And here’s a 2 part bonus: when you “go live” , not only will IG and FB alert your followers, you’ll also be at the top of your followers’ stories.

5. Active NEW stickers in your stories! You can share links to purchase options for things like gift cards, online ordering, or donations. The idea is to encourage your followers to buy more, even if they aren’t able to purchase from you right now. As an added bonus, your followers and supporters will be able to re-share these stickers and your content in their own stories to help spread the word and drive more results!

6. “OMG did you see that insensitive post? How distasteful!”, said NO ONE about your post, because you're aware and sympathetic to what’s going on in the world today. If you’re not sure if your post is offensive, double check with a friend. Maintain a positive tone in your messaging. We’re all #inthistogether.

This seems time consuming? It is.

But it's also TOTALLY WORTH it when you consider:

1) brand awareness, 2) customer loyalty & 3) sales.

I challenge you to use all of these tips starting NOW!

Liked these tips? Think you or someone can benefit?

Share on Facebook or Twitter. #sidrastartups

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