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3 Ridiculously Simple Digital Tips

I am committed to making Instagram active & engaging for small businesses. I wanted to share a few #SidraStartup tips to help to make the most out of your social media engagement.

1. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT ;) People want to get to know YOU! You as a brand, you as a person. Create videos for your IG stories. You’re creative & interesting. Share how excited you are to offer your product to the world. If you’re thinking about creating a new piece of jewelry or a new flavor for your awesome wings, feel free to share. It’s only 15 seconds, no pressure.

2. BUSINESS CARDS ARE COOL, BUT THEY'RE OLD People normally take business cards and do what? Lose them in their pockets or purse. When you meet people, talk about your business, then tell them to follow you on IG. It’s your digital business card. Once they follow you, you’ll be on their phone and on their minds.

3. @ ME BRO! When replying to followers in your Instagram comments, remember to use the “@” then their username. They will not be alerted of your comment if your do not @ them. We don’t want them to think that their sweet comment has gone unnoticed.

I challenge you to use all of these tips starting NOW!

Liked these tips? Think you or someone can benefit?

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