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10 Ways to Show Your Curlfriend She’s Special

We all want to show our curlfriends that we care about them through pep talks, reality checks and brunch tastings. But what do you get the girl who has the latest everything, from hair products to shoes? A unique artsy gift you know she'll love and ACTUALLY use! ;)

Check out 10 ways to show that you care <3

1. You’re a #chaiteasippa and she’s coffee addict, but somehow you make it work ;) . Mean mug together and talk about everything from bad dates to dreams of the perfect twist out.

Click here for a kinked up mug.

2. Curl up on the couch with your best kinked up curlfriend and watch binge watch your fav Netflix series. Prop your feet up on a throw that reminds her that she’s cute and poppin’.

Find a new addition to her home here.

3. Edge control CHECK, afro pik CHECK, Fenty gloss bomb CHECK! Gift your fav naturalista with a studio pouch that holds all your cosmetic needs. CHECK it out here.

4. Create #goals! Help your curly girlfriend list her professional & personal goals, then motivate her to go after them! #youglowgirl

Write your goals here.

5. Cell me, beep me, if you wanna reach me. Well, maybe not beep….. shoot, maybe don’t even call….. but def TEXT me curlfriend ;)

iPhone and Galaxy cases, covers and skins here.

6. This curlfriend’s got time for THAT! Tick tock ya don’t stop with a kinked up art wall clock. Never lose track of time, friends or goals with a Kinked Up Art clock.

7. Never trust a big butt and a smile, unless it’s from a #kinkedupcutiewithaBOOTY ;) . Purchase a mini skirt that will show off her shape and style.

Sizes XXS-XXL here.

8. We’d love to be our bestie’s diary in human form, but somethings you need to take to your grave. Gift your curlfriend with a journal to write down all her triumphs and sorrows and even favorite natural avocado-cucumber hair mask.

9. Just throw it in the bag. She’s on the go and would definitely benefit from having a super-functional tote that lets the streets know she’s a kinked up cutie.

10. Let her coworkers KNOW that #naturalhairisprofession . Add a little bold statement to her work area.

Find it here.

And BOOM that's all there is to it, cutie. Make someone's day with a unique gift that let's your curlfriend know that she's cute, admired and special. Visit Kinked Up Art for more prints on home decor, stationary and apparel.

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